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About Systel

The “Systel” limited company develops, designs and applies complex automated systems and integration solutions for industrial companies, we offer engineering and consulting services, and we deliver the serial and custom program-technical complexes. Our solutions are built upon our in-house software and hardware devices developments, and these developments are based upon modern information technologies and hardware platforms.

We work in the electric power engineering market since 1992 and therefore we have considerable experience of designing and application of automated dispatching and technological control and electric power metering systems for power suppliers and industrial companies of different scales.

Today, we can offer our customers the full range of services in the field of projects of any kind of complexity development and applications, starting from the pre-project object examination, till the object commission.

This is the “Systel” limited company solutions range for the power industry:

  • Dispatching and Technological Control Automated Systems (DTCAS);
  • Data Collection and Transfer Systems (DCTS), Technological Information Exchange Systems (TIES);
  • Program- technical complexes (PTC) and Operative Information Complexes (OIC);
  • Software and Hardware devices for program-technical complexes;
  • The engineering supply and technical security systems including the ventilation air conditioning , water supply and heating , sewerage system , electric power supply up to 110 kW and more, fire extinguishing systems , fire alerts and security systems;
  • The Collective Access Information Display Systems (CAIDS) – the dispatcher’s boards;
  • Architectural and Building plans and solutions for the dispatchers’ points (DP);
  • The Automated Information-Measuring Systems of the commercial electric power metering (AIMS CEPM for Electric power wholesale and retail markets);
  • The Automated Information-Measuring Systems of technical electric power metering (AIMS TEPM);
  • The Automated Information-Measuring Systems of the Commercial Electric Power Metering for Household Consumers (AIMS CEPM HC)
  • The substations and generating objects Automated Systems of Technological Processes Control (ASTPC)
  • The Emergency Automation Systems (EAS)

The company has highly qualified specialists, developed technological structure that includes the in-house manufacture with the up-to- date base.

The company fair name that is well-known in the market is the successful cooperation guarantee.

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