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We offer:

The full service of automated dispatching control systems and technical and commercial metering systems construction including:

The technological audit of Data transfer systems, the Devices of telemechanics, Operative –information complexes, the operative and dispatching personnel workstations, dispatchers’ boards and points construction.

Technical and economical assessment for project solution choice on the uniform technical decision basis.

The development of conceptions, technical tasks and programs for complex reconstruction, modernization and repair of RCAS.

  • Design estimates development.
  • Design estimates examination.
  • The RCAS “turnkey” construction and modernization (design, equipment (including the in-house manufactured equipment) delivery, assembling, debugging and post-assembly service.)
  • The systems applied technical service.
  • The support manning organization.
  • The united data base of technical condition of the dispatching control and technical and commercial metering devices formation and maintenance.
  • The running costs reduction for our customers by means of technical and program-machinery solutions unification and typification , including the software and hardware devices wholesale delivery, centralized support manning, centralized operation personnel teaching.
  • Organization of operating personnel teaching.

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