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“Systel” Operating Information Complex

The use

Operating Information Complex (OIC) “Systel” is a hardware and software complex aimed at dealing with the tasks of dispatching control of electricity power units of all kinds- starting with substations up to networks control centers.

The OIC may receive data from different data collection systems like Central Receiving-Transmitting Stations (CRTS), the Controlled Units Telecontrol Devices (CU) and from automated systems of other manufacturers.

The OIC provides the functions of telecontrol and archived data processing execution and displaying the information in different screen forms on the collective and individual access displays.

Basic build-up principles
  • The architecture openness and further development capability;
  • Modular build-up principle of the complex software and hardware ;
  • Scalability, the capability of the distributing systems building;
  • The full “hot” subsystems reservation.
  • The operative personnel net AWS unlimited quantity with different access levels;
  • The ability to use the means of collective access information display of different types (mnemonic boards, videoprojecting cube based boards , plasma and LCD screens);
  • The open protocols for data exchange with external systems, including protocols based on МЭК 870-5-101/104 standard.
  • The open interaction standards – OPC,TCP,/IP,SQL are used;
  • The universal time for all the complex subsystems.
  • The archives with different depth with the set intervals;
  • The deep integration with Microsoft Office tools;

The OIOC (Operative Information Operating Complex) structure and basic functions

The OIC is built on client-server technology. The functions are distributed between the client and server parts of the complex in the following way:

The client OIC part

  • Interaction with the server, the information display in different screen (symbolic circuits, diagrams, tables, bar charts ,etc) ;
  • Solution of administrative and applied complex tasks.
The server OIC part
  • Data exchange with CRTS and other information sources.
  • The data processing on the basis of the flexible design formulas
  • The (РВ) database maintenance.
  • The event alert;
  • The archives, schemes, form of information display and referenced data storage.

The architecture

The data of telemechanics is sent from the data collection and initial processing systems (CRTS, telecontrol devices of a CU) to SCADA-server by TCP/ IP.

The SCADA-server performs the data collection, processing, its further storage, archiving, makes different fine calculations and computations, and manages the interaction with the client OIC part. All the necessary referenced and configurational information (the signal names, the parameters change limits, the calibration characteristics, the computing formulas, etc) is kept at the configuration complex database.

The Client OIC part consists of the applications set, that functions on the workstations. The server performs the interaction with the applications in the real time scale. The data received is displayed in the forms of symbolic circuits, diagrams, tables and lists. The hard copies of the data obtained are available.

A user can quickly switch from one screen from to another, start the extra task external modules, integrate with the MS Office applications, and remotely get internet data access.

With the AWS the following actions are performed: the power units’ control, the telecontrol commands output, different dispatcher’s actions , such as the switch of signals operation to the manual mode or to a dubbing value, the models preparation and sending , putting the dispatchers’ marks on the symbolic circuits etc.


OIC “Systel” is a scalable, configurable software and hardware complex, which consists of modules. The modules are stand-alone and can be used off-line as a part of dispatching control system of any complexity kind.

The OIC software and hardware composition depends on the ARCS (Automated Remote Control System) structure, its hierarchy and functions performed.

OIC with reservation

The complex reservation

The functions of automatic software and hardware “hot” reservation are realized in OIC.

The fullest configuration reservation is available for:
  • CRTS;
  • SCADA-servers;
  • Archive servers
  • The AWS of a dispatcher, manager etc.

Basic functions

Telemechanical information receiving

The Telemechanical information receiving by any telemechanical protocols and by TCP/IP

Telemechanical information processing

The information processing using different algorithms and strategies in the real time scale.

Data display

The information is presented in the forms of symbolic circuits, tables, diagrams and lists in the screen and hard copy forms.

Remote access.

The developed system of WWW and WAP AWS enables the remote controlled unit state monitoring.

The reporting documents preparation

Formation of the reporting information with the help of reporting forms generation system which is integrated into the MS Excel spreadsheets.

Telecontrol with AWS use

Telecontrol commands output. The commands are transferred to the telemechanical devices through CRTS as well as directly to the CU telemechanical devices by TCP/IP.

LDI (Letter-Digital Information) models exchange

Preparation of the data models and its transfer on dispatcher’s command, or automatically to other levels of ARCS in the forms of LDI (Letter-Digital Information) files.

Events alert

Visual and sound system stated events notification.


Any information retranslation from РВ DB though CRTS by telemechanical lines or directly from SCADA-server in several directions, also using individual protocol for each direction.

Machine-to-machine data exchange

The inter-server data exchange mechanism is used, using the МЭК 870-5-104 and SystelNet protocols.

Data archiving

The set depth archives construction, the information scaling and deletion in the course of its getting out of date, providing the archived data access from the clients applications.

Information protection

The multi level information protection system with the Windows 2000 domain system is used. The users’ limited access to some operative and archived information is provided; the same is about access to some operations.


The simultaneous work of several OIC software copies is provided in the net; the reservation and function load distribution between the copies are also provided.

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