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Controlled unit telecontrol device - the microprocessor telecontrol complex МТК-30.КП (MTC – 30. CU)

The use

The Controlled unit telecontrol device МТК-30.КП (MTC – 30. CU) is a part of dispatching control system and works as a controlled unit telecontrol device of a dispatching control automated system.

Basic functions:
  • The discrete signals input ( TC);
  • The current telemetry analogue signals input (ТИТ);
  • The units telecontrol (TC) by means of commands received from CRTS or TM Server;
  • The information receiving from measuring converter and /or electric power meters, resources account devices, relay protection devices.
  • The device time synchronization:
    • By means of connecting to exact time server using the NTP protocol;
    • Using the satellites exact time systems GPS/GLONASS;
  • TC buffering in cases of connection lines fallout or poor data transfer rate to the upper level;
  • Data is transferred to the CRTS or TM Server by several independent lines simultaneously using different TM protocols , including the protocols that comply with ГОСТ Р МЭК 870-5-101-2001 and ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104-2004 standards;
  • The device is interconnected with the connection lines using RS-232 interfaces (one or several), by means of channel adaptor (CA) and Ethernet:
    • Using the consequent RS-232 interface the device can carry out the interchange with the upper level by protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 870-5-101-2001 with 50, 100, 200, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bit/s rate;
    • Using the Ethernet net interface – by protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104-2004 or internal "SystelNet" protocol with the rate up to 10 or 100 Mbit/s;
    • GSM, GPRS and satellite connection.
The software structure

The device software functions under Linux operative system control and consists of the following basic components:
  • The “Real-Time Monitor” program complex.
  • The in-built WEB-server for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics purposes.
  • The whole system restart and initialization program with the watchdog timer use.
  • The program for periphery modules exchange by CAN lines on the CANex protocol basis.
  • WEB-АРМ telemechanics.
Data exchange protocols

One of the МТК-30.КП device basic functions is data exchange between different dispatching control levels.

For each direction data exchange different protocols are used:
  • For data exchange between the CRTS and other CU TC – the domestic system protocols: TM -512, TM -800 B, Granit, TM-120, РПТ-80, МКТ-2, МКТ-3, УВТК-УН, the Industrial ones on the international standards basis ГОСТ Р МЭК 870-5-101, COMPAS etc;
For data exchange with OIC -
  • The standard and expanded РПТ-ЭВМ protocols, the industrial protocol on the basis of international standard ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104, the “SystelNet” internal protocol for program-technical complex “SYSTEL”.
For work with digital relay protections-
  • Protocols ModBus Microellettrica, Sepam, ModBus PBA/Tel, SPA-Bus, “Sirius” – protections protocol.
  • The protocols used for work with different manufacturers’ electric power metering devices- The meters of “Mercury” type, the SET type meters, “Proton” meters, the “Alfa” type meters etc. The list of the protocols supported may be enlarged by the agreement with the customer.


Information lines Minimum Maximum Scale interval
ТИТ 0 368 16
ТС 0 368 16
ТУ 0 116 4

Tне hardware structure

The modules quantity and structure define the functionality and informational capacity of МТК-30.КП. , it consists of the following basic modules:
  • The Data Collection and Transfer Device ( Systel – DCTD);
  • The Discrete Signals Input modules (МТК-30.ТС16);
  • The current Telemetric data input modules (Systel – TT 16)
  • Interface converters
  • Telecontrol modules (MTK -30.TC4);
  • The multifunctional digital measuring converters (Systel – MC);
  • The modules power supply TC, ТИТ, ИПЦ.
Additional modules:
  • The UPS;
  • GPS-receiver;
  • GSM/GPPS – modems;
  • Line adaptors, providing the additional connection lines;
  • Duplex/semiduplex galvanic isolation modules;
  • 4-port RS -232 card with PCI bus;
  • Optic converter for ПУ-КП connection installation with bus-type (circular) topology under RS-485 line protocol.

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