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The telecontrol device of a controlled unit - the Telemechanical complex MTK - 32.КП

The use

The МТК-32.КП is used as device of a controlled unit (CU) and may be installed on low information capacity power units.

The МТК-32.КП device is used for discrete (TC), analogue (ТИ) data collection and transfer and telecontrol (ТУ) commands receiving and transfer.

Basic functions
  • The input of current analogue telemetric (TM) signals from the analogue output converters with the astronomic time reference;
  • Receiving information from measuring converters and /or electric power meters with RS-485 interface;
  • The discrete signals (DS) input with astronomic time reference;
  • The units telecontrol (TC) by means of commands coming from the upper CRTS or CS (Control Station) level;
  • The device time and the system upper level time synchronization;
  • TC buffering in cases of connection line fallout or low rate of data transfer to the upper level;
  • The event log construction with the depth up to one hundred TC group codes with the time markers;
  • Data transfer in cyclic and sporadic modes and on CS demand;
  • The data exchange with CRTS by protocols in accordance with ГОСТ Р МЭК870-5-101-2001, Granit, УСД-05 using the hard- wire and optic-fiber lines.

The data may be transferred by several independent connection lines simultaneously.
  • The device may be interconnected with the connection lines using RS-232 interfaces (one or two) or Ethernet:
    • Using the consequent RS-232 interface the device can carry out the interchange with the upper level by protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 870-5-101-2001 with 50, 100, 200, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bit/s rate;
    • Using the Ethernet net interface – by protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104-2004 or internal "SystelNet" protocol with the rate up to 10 or 100 Mbit/s; The МТК-32.CU device configuration is carried out using special program Configurator МТК-32 that is operated by OS MS Windows.
The hardware structure

The modules quantity and structure define the МТК-32.CU functionality and informational capacity. It consists of the following modules:
  • The Data Collection and Transfer Device (Systel – DCTD)
  • Discrete signals input modules (МТК-30.ТС.32-21);
  • The current telemetric data input (Systel-ТТ.32-21);
  • interface converter or a mediaconverter
  • Telecontrol module (МТК-30.ТУ4-05);
  • The УСПД, ТС, ТИ modules and interface converters power supply.

Information lines Minimum Maximum The growth interval
ТИТ 0 32 -
ТС 0 160 16
ТУ 0 128 4

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