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Telemechanical control unit MTK - 30.CU

The use

The CU is software and hardware complex that is used for telemetric data processing transfer and receiving from telecontrol devices of a Controlled Unit.

The CU fields of use:
  • The Automated Dispatching Control Systems ( ADCS):
    • As a telecontrol lines data collection device;
  • Corporate systems:
    • As an information HUB for technological, operative and commercial information receiving and transfer.
The CU is a functionally independent part of “SYSTEL” Program-Technical Complex (PTC)

  • Data receiving / transfer by different connection lines:
    • Simultaneously by several independent lines;
    • Using line adaptor on 16 full duplex or semi duplex connection lines.
    • Using RS-232 (one or two):
      • protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 870-5-101-2001;
    • Using Ethernet:
      • protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104-2004,
      • Protocol SystelNet – internal protocol PTC «Systel» on the TCP/IP basis.
  • Preliminary data processing on dispatching unit.
  • Received data transfer to OIC for processing and display.
  • Data retranslation:
    • to CRTS, ТМ Server;
    • To the lower and adjacent dispatching control levels.
  • Formation of (if necessary):
    • measurements archives
    • Events protocols
  • Providing interlevel data exchange:
    • With other CUs – using different TM protocols, including protocols that comply with ГОСТ Р МЭК 870-5-101-2001 and ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104-2004.
    • With OIC – using protocol ГОСТ Р МЭК 60870-5-104, РПТ-ЭВМ and SystelNet.
Data sources
  • Telecontrol devices, installed on the controlled units (CU);
  • Other CUs , installed on the dispatching points.
Software The device software functions under Linux operative system control and consists of the following basic components:
  • The “Real-Time Monitor” program complex.
  • The in-built WEB-server for monitoring and diagnostics purposes.
  • WEB-АРМ telemechanics.
  • The CU device software includes the starting initialization programs.
  • The CU device software includes the tools for CU configurational data creation and modification.
External connections
  • 16 Current Telemetric Lines (CTL) from metric converters with fixed output current range of ±5 мА or ±20 мА,
    • More lines are available;
  • 16 discrete signal lines (ТС),
    • More lines are available;
  • 4-х проводные магистральные линии связи, к которым подключаются КП;
  • 4 hard wire type trunk lines , to which a CU is connected
  • RS-232 interfaces with galvanic interfaces.

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